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Many people suffer from cold fingers and hands when the temperatures outside are low. In most cases, this is caused by a constriction of the vessels and resulting insufficient blood circulation in the hands. This is a physiological process that helps to keep the temperature of the body centre consistent, it is called “Centralisation of Circulation". On the other hand, this reaction often feels unpleasant and may even take on the significance of an illness.

From this point of view, a classic disease is Morbus Raynaud. Symptoms are paroxsymally occurring vessel contractions, resulting insufficient blood circulation of the peripheral limbs, and the corresponding places on the skin turn white and are painful. Only in rare cases, necroses will form, and fingers and/or toes may die.

To prevent such symptoms and cold hands during wintertime, general measures are recommended first. This includes protection against wetness and cold, for example by gloves, but also warmth from the outside in form of heat-producing gloves, like for example the Thermo Gloves. Of course, the temperatures may not be excessively high, as they would otherwise cause tissue damage. The Thermo Gloves exclude this risk.

As an accompanying measure, smokers are recommended to reduce their cigarette consumption resp. — even better — to stop smoking altogether. Physical activity and relaxation techniques can support circulation. Medicine or even surgery (Sympathectomy) is necessary only in serious cases..

In my opinion, the prevention of peripheral cooling is a priority, because all further reactions are a consequence of the cold. This can be done with adequate clothing and improved by local heat application, which thus is one of the most important preventions against cold hands. The Thermo Gloves with the three temperature levels offer an individual opportunity to keep hands from being cold, and therefore lead to a significantly better feeling than without Thermo Gloves. Using Thermo Gloves against cold hands can therefore be recommended from a medical viewpoint.

Dr. Werner Kommer
Specialist for Internal Medicine and Cardiology

Dr. KommerDr. Werner Kommer

Specialist for Internal Medicine
Wolkersdorf, Austria

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The Thermo Gloves have 3 different temperature levels with 34 degrees C, 39 degrees C and 44 degrees C.

This winter, do your feet a favour. Keep them warm even on the coldest winter day withThermo Soles, the world's first wire-free rechargeable heated insoles.

80 % of the women suffer from cold hands, not only in winter! Most people find this unpleasant, and in worst case, this may even lead to illnesses like Morbus Raynaud.

Did you know?

To prevent such symptoms and cold hands in winter, Doctors mainly recommend general measures. This includes protection against wetness and cold, and heated gloves like the Thermo Gloves.

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