Endurance Test


Tobias Schiegl
2-time Double Luge 
World Champion

During the winter 2010/2011, I had already tested the thermal products Thermo Soles and Thermo Gloves with great success. Due to my positive experience, the trainer team of the Austrian Luge National Team ( has been equipped with Thermo Soles and Thermo Gloves since October 2011. This is how those who are out in the cold, but who are physically inactive, get through the winter well. All seven trainers of the Austrian National Team now wear Thermo Soles and Thermo Gloves daily and are on the go the entire winter in icy parts of the world, i.e. Lillehammer, Igls, Calgary, Oberhof, Koenigsee, Nagano, Salt Lake City and Winterberg.

Warm hands and warm feet are essential for trainers in order to keep their minds free for technical and tactical thinking. We are simply thrilled by the Thermo Soles and Thermo Gloves, which offer us cosy warmth and thus, in every way, a feeling of well-being. We don't want to do without this comfort anymore.

We would like to thank Thermo Soles and Thermo Gloves for their sponsoring thus far and we are already looking forward to testing new Thermo Products soon for continuous use.

Trainer Rodel-Nationalteam
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Order now a Steri Dry Shoe Dryer together with any model of Thermo Soles and save 50% on the normal price of 29.99 €. This Shoe Dryer not only dries and warms your shoes; it also disinfects with ultraviolet light, kills bacteria and germs and thus avoids bad shoe odours.

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The Thermo Gloves have 3 different temperature levels with 34 degrees C, 39 degrees C and 44 degrees C.

This winter, do your feet a favour. Keep them warm even on the coldest winter day withThermo Soles, the world's first wire-free rechargeable heated insoles.

80 % of the women suffer from cold hands, not only in winter! Most people find this unpleasant, and in worst case, this may even lead to illnesses like Morbus Raynaud.

Did you know?

To prevent such symptoms and cold hands in winter, Doctors mainly recommend general measures. This includes protection against wetness and cold, and heated gloves like the Thermo Gloves.

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